Six tips to get that promotion!

Asking for a promotion can be a daunting task in any employment market. Quantifying our strengths and successes can be overwhelming as we determine what leverage we have to back up our need for a higher salary or better position, but there are ways to prepare long before the meeting comes. Here you’ll find 6… Read more »

eAWB 360 training comes to Chicago

On June 16th, Cargo Network Services, the US arm of IATA, held a training session in Chicago to educate forwarders on the benefits of using e-AWB (electronic air waybills) for their shipments. eAWB is being pushed globally by IATA because they believe that it will not only speed air cargo through the supply chain but… Read more »

How Trade Made America Great

The Wall Street Journal has a great article about the history of trade from the 1960s. Extensively covering the high points that defined our trade parameters from the post WWII America to the current globalization, there’s a big picture overview with a microcosm feel. Covering events from WWII, through OPEC, and into NAFTA and now… Read more »

Logistics Careers are Still on the Rise

It’s become common knowledge that the trucking industry has a driver shortage and there are rumors of an impending pilot shortage, but these are a small symptom of a growing supply chain labor challenge. About 270,200 logistics jobs will be created each year in the U.S. until 2018, according to a study from the Georgia… Read more »

How logistics professionals can stay educated

Whether you’re an industry veteran looking to keep your skills current or someone seeking a new career in logistics, there are classes everywhere and for every level. While at the NCBFAA Annual Conference, we learned about their Educational Institute which offers online accreditations that can be earned for the designation of Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) or Certified… Read more »