Better People. Smarter Fit  Freight Forwarding Recruitment Specialists BCS is the leading provider of experienced Freight Forwarding professionals for the Freight Forwarding Industry. We focus on talented and accomplished Freight Forwarding professionals with a strong work ethic and a stable work history. Employees are the number one asset of a forwarder.¬†Freight Forwarders must have talented… Read more »

How to safely return to the office

International shipping and logistics are starting to come back and ramp-up leading workers to start coming back into offices after working from home for the last few months. Much like how disconcerting it was to go from working in an office to being home, we can expect some discomfort moving pack to a professional office…. Read more »

Working from home – tips and tricks for staying productive

Last week we talked about the best way for employers to support and manage remote workers. This week, we’re going to talk about working from home, staying focused and avoiding pitfalls during the quarantine. Most importantly we want to remind everyone reading this that during times of crisis and stress, preoccupation with perfection will do… Read more »

How to support and manage remote workers.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the logistics industry has been particularly hit hard as we’re all essential employees who are not necessarily needed on-site to work. More and more of our operations can be done remotely now that technology has enabled communication and documentation transfers from anywhere in the world. However, just because we’ve had this… Read more »

It is Chinese New Year time!

On January 25, 2020 factories across China will shut down to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which is the Year of the Rat and according to legend a great year for careers!

A quick guide to current tariff news

We know our business is helping logistics professionals find their perfect position as we find the perfect candidates for open logistics positions, but even in a tertiary support industry, we can’t help pay close attention to what market forces are doing between the two behemoth nations. These issues aren’t just for customs brokers and freight… Read more »

Illinois “No Salary History Law” passes

In an effort to strengthen the Equal Pay Act of 2003 and start to close the gender and racial wage gaps, Governor JB Pritzker signed the new No Salary History law. When the law goes into effect on September 29th, 2019 companies won’t be able to require applicants to disclose previous salary information and if… Read more »

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USMCA expected to replace NAFTA

After a year of intense negotiation that seemed at times both fruitless and dangerous, the United States, Canada and Mexico reached an agreement Sunday night, avoiding a deadline by just hours. The USMCA brings sweeping changes to cars and parts, dairy and agriculture, labor, and a new “sunset” clause that requires the agreement to be… Read more »

August Monthly Job Numbers

And exceptional job market has underpinned a growing logistics labor force as US trade remains at the forefront of the news this summer. While the perfect storm of low unemployment numbers and finally rising wages takes hold, companies are beginning to look at filling seasonal positions for the upcoming holidays. Further to the seasonal positions,… Read more »