Logistics employment with a mission.

“Today, without a ‘why’ and a purpose beyond the products and services you provide, the younger generation of talent will not be attracted to working for their businesses in the future.” Taking a page from the mission-driven employment playbook, outdoor brand Toad & Co.’s CEO Gordon Seabury is committed to employing workers with developmental disabilities… Read more »

How online freight marketplaces may affect logistics careers.

While talk of how online freight marketplaces will change the logistics game is nothing new, the influx of new technology opportunities raises interesting questions about how changes will affect careers in our industry. Here at BCS Placement, careers in logistics and the level of skill, education, and preparation needed to perform in those careers are… Read more »

Shortage of warehouse workers drives up salaries

While e-commerce continues to grow at an exponential rate, retail and logistics companies are opening warehouses at a record pace in an attempt to meet the growing demand. Orders need to be picked, packed and shipped to customers urgently to stay competitive in this market. Online orders show no chance of slowing, but finding workers… Read more »

Visit us at the 44th NCBFAA Annual Conference!

  BCS Placement is thrilled to be attending the 44th NCBFAA Annual Conference in New Orleans! Starting Monday, April 3rd we’re in Booth 10 to meet and talk with our fellow attendees, all while gearing up to give away a portable Marshall speaker! Be sure to stop by, register to win and chat with us… Read more »

Trans-Pacific Maritime Conference 2017 and the outlook for contract rates.

BCS Placement is always excited to attend the TPM Conference and discuss the future rates and services as the economy and industry recovers. Import numbers are improving and the forecast for the first half of 2017 shows growth, which, coupled with shipping alliances that go into effect this year, are expected to raise rates for… Read more »

Logistics jobs can help offset manufacturing losses

While the U.S. has suffered greatly over the loss of manufacturing jobs, especially in the Midwest, some of those job losses are offset by the growth seen across the logistics market. Import and export numbers in Illinois help transition joblessness from workers who have been displaced as manufacturing has dwindled. In Illinois, 21% of workers… Read more »

Happy Chinese New Year!

Starting on January 28th, we begin the year of the fire Rooster according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The Rooster is the tenth sign of the Chinese zodiac, falling in 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, and 2005. We at BCS are especially excited for this year as the fire Rooster is known for being… Read more »

US Trucking Employment Reaches 10 Year High

According to data tracked by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, peak season demand over the holidays helped push U.S. for-hire trucking employment to a ten year high this December. As volumes rose 13% over November 2016 and 84% over December 2015, for-hire motor carriers created 1,400 new jobs to bring their total numbers to… Read more »

Workers to strike at O’Hare Int’l Airport

Tomorrow morning, non-union workers at O’Hare International Airport are expected to strike in protest of low wages and a lack of collective bargaining rights, deliberately scheduling their stoppage after the busy Thanksgiving rush to bolster public support and minimize public inconvenience. “It was never their intent to disrupt travel,” said a spokeswoman for the SEIU,… Read more »

Manufacturing championship gear, immediately

One of the brightest moments after a championship game is to see the winning team hoisted in the field, each wearing a new hat that fans haven’t seen, declaring them the world champs of their sport. The Chicago Cubs, after more than a century, became the World Series winners and emerged from the dugout to… Read more »